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Behold the Christ:

Proclaiming the Gospel of Matthew

"It is the ideal handbook for homilists. Both preachers and scholars alike will love this book and want to keep it handy. For that matter, it will be treasured by all Bible students and teachers!"
– Dr. Scott Hahn
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My Story

Hello! My name is Dr. Leroy Huizenga. I teach Scripture and Theology courses at the University of Mary, in Bismarck, North Dakota, where I live with my wife, Kari, and my three children.


I'm a Catholic convert: you can watch me tell my story here


I'm an author:  I write books for general audiences, such as Loosing the Lion, and I write for online outlets such as Catholic World Report and print publications like The Catholic Servant. I'd be happy to write for you.

I'm a speaker: I love talking about the Faith, from what's going on in the Gospels to my conversion story, from giving talks at parishes to speaking to youth to teaching at clergy formation events. I've also appeared on podcasts such as The Sacred Page and radio programs such as Catholic Answers Live. I'd be glad to appear on your show or come speak for your next event.

I'm a scholar: I worked under Richard Hays at Duke University, and published my dissertation as The New Isaac: Tradition and Intertextuality in the Gospel of Matthew. My work has appeared in New Testament Studies and Catholic Biblical Quarterly. I'm currently writing a massive commentary on the Gospel of Mark for Bloomsbury/T&T Clark for the International Theological Commentary series.

My Books

Loosing the Lion: Proclaiming the Gospel of Mark

The New Isaac: 

Tradition and Intertextuality in the Gospel of Matthew

Behold the Christ:

Proclaiming the Gospel of Matthew

Reading the Bible Intertextually


I'll come speak! I speak regularly around the country at parishes, clergy formation events, retreats, student events, and more. I've spoken on the Bible, liturgy, marriage and sexuality, the Church and its mission in post/modernity, and my conversion story. Contact me for more information, and feel free to peruse the videos of some of my appearances below.

My appearance on EWTN's The Journey Home

"St. John Paul II's Fides et Ratio Twenty Years Later," Young Catholic Minds annual lecture at Bishop Sullivan High School, Virginia Beach, VA

On Dei Verbum, at the University of Mary for The Enduring Legacy of Vatican II

On the Grace of Returning to Galilee in Mark's Gospel, at New Song Community

On the Old Testament, at New Song Community